Mr. B. N Admane

Honourable Founder Chairman

New Modern Education Society founded by Mr. B. N Admane in 1971 to create the educational center for the underprivileged children. The Teaching Organization creates masters; A teaching organization is one where experiences are shared freely and abundantly. Here teaching does not depend on hierarchy but on the experiences one has gone through.

Here, continues upgrading does not hap just through books or classes taken by outside. Here, performances in the organization do the up gradation, apart from ensuring the overall growth of the organization and his personal growth. It is the responsibility of a leader in a teaching organization to ensure the growth of many other individuals. Here, the people at top consider in their personal responsibility to teach others what they have learned from life. The intention is not to create follow us, but to create leaders. People in teaching organization work with pride. To them, PRIDE means Personal responsibility in delivering excellence. It is a matter of honor & pride for all of us that school launching its web site; school is the place where the future of the nation is the groom.

We at Soli A Poonawalla Memorial School/high school endeavors to inculcate good manners, values, & scientific attitude on our children. A child’s mind is like wet cement whatever falls on it makes a permanent impression. We, teachers, work with dedication to make a permanent impression of goodwill, knowledge, & wisdom on the minds of our students. Our school aims at all-round development of our wards through various innovative curricular & co-curricular activities. We shape the mind & body of our children with the help of their parents. We are extremely thankful to the parents for their support & co-operation.