Ms. Mercy Jose

Honourable Principal

Dear Parents, students, and teachers,
A hearty welcome to the new academic session.

With profound happiness, I express my sincere gratitude for the support you have extended to me. I feel privileged to be part of a school that has an excellent team dedicated to the development and growth of the students.

46 years of the existence of the school has been marked with stellar achievements. Each year, students have outperformed, bringing the school excellent results year after year. Not only have the students excelled academically, but also in extra-curricular activities. Our students have exhibited their skills and won accolades in different examinations/competitions like Scholarships, Hindi Rashtra bhasha, National Talent Search, etc. 

This has been possible through our use of different pedagogical methods, inclusive curriculum, and group activities. These methods ignite the spark of creativity and imagination in our students. Our group activities develop interpersonal skills and our inclusive curriculum allows the child to explore topics through different activities. All this is possible only with the dedicated staff of teachers and other ancillary staff. Their dedication combined with the skills of the students has made our school one of the best schools in Pune.

We can take greater steps towards the growth of our students and our school with the help of parents. Education is a continuous interplay of concepts, experience, reflection, action, and evaluation between students, teachers, and parents. We value and believe that a child can reach their highest potential with the active involvement of the parent in their child’s education. With the support of all parents, we can develop and nurture future generations. 

We dream of integrated personalities among our students and are ready to take any steps to achieve it. Assuring you all, our best of services, I remain

Mrs. Mercy Jose